Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tell a police officer thank you

None of us wants to see those party lights in our rear-view mirror. You know the ones. Red and blue. Sometimes accompanied by sirens or an amplified voice directing us to pull over at the next available safe spot.

But in times of crisis, we anxiously await the arrival of these same lights and the related men and women who risk life and limb to protect our communities, our families, our friends and, yes, our foes.

A columnist in Thomaston, Georgia gets it: Thomaston Times - Tell a police officer thank you.

Express your thankfulness to the men and women who standby in case of your emergency. Send a letter, drop by some healthful snacks, write a letter to your newspaper editor, write a blog post Sept. 15 for National "Tell a Police Officer Thank You Day" led by Wives Behind the Badge.
Indiana “Tell a Police Officer Thank You Day”

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