Sunday, September 9, 2012

School District Institutes Regular "Lunch with the Cops" Program

Children in Houston will have ample opportunity to enjoy meals with local law enforcement after Houston Independent School District introduces a lunchtime program that will bring together district police officers and elementary school students.

"The officers will sit with the students at their tables in an effort to transcend the perceived boundaries between law enforcement officers and civilians, showing children the humanity behind the uniform and creating an environment for positive change," reports the Houston Chronicle.

The opinion piece continues, "As you can well imagine, many children view the police in a negative light, a mistaken association arising from ignorance. By allowing kids to interact with officers at the light-hearted level of the lunch table, HISD hopes to not only mold a generation of respectful, law-abiding citizens, but also breed future policemen and women to protect our society."

The police officers' association is footing the bill for officers' lunches to support the program.

Anyone else doing such programs? What good news have you heard about your local law enforcement officers?

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