Sunday, September 9, 2012

First-on-scene Officer Rescues Swimmers

Too many folks who badmouth law enforcement officers as a whole fail to realize that, in an emergency of any sort, the first official on scene will likely be such an officer. Call the fire department? The cops will be there first unless the fire's right next door to a full-time fire station. Call for an ambulance? Police and firefighters may respond in many communities.

Such was the case in Seaside Heights, NJ on Sept. 9. Seaside Heights Police Detective Steven Korman responded to a call of "swimmers in distress" in heavy surf. Thought lifeguards were on duty, it was Korman who was first in the water. With the assistance of a nearby surfer and the water rescue team, Korman was able to help rescue the 21- and 18-year-old swimmers, according to Berkley Patch.

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